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  • I am or will be an employee of University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust
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  • Junior Doctor
  • Administrative Staff
  • Nurse
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Doctor
  • Health Care Professional
  • Facilities & Estates
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  • Clinical - I work in an area that delivers healthcare services. For example, you may be a Doctor, Nurse, Allied Health Professional, Health Care Assistant or Hospital Porter.
  • Frontline - I work in an area where I will be, or may be, in direct contact with patients, their families or the general public. For example, you may be a Doctor, Nurse, Receptionist, Health Care Assistant or Cleaner.
  • Work with children - I work in an area where I will come into direct contact with children and/or young people. For example, you may be a Paediatric Surgeon, Midwife, Paediatric Audiologist or Royal Alexander Hospital Cleaner.
  • Moves and Handles Patients - I work in an area where I help patients move, or may be asked to do so. For example, you may be a Healthcare Assistant, Hospital Porter or Nurse.
  • None of the above

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  • Student Nurses
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